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Paid Advertising Campaigns


Google PPC Campaigns

Targeting your ideal client online is easy with Google Pay Per Click advertising campaigns.  We create and manage campaigns based on your targeted keywords to give you a very specific and tested strategy to get in front of people who are already searching for your services.


Facebook Advertising Campaigns

Using specific interests, demographics and geographic locations, we can use Facebook to build a custom audience of people to put your business or service directly in front of. This keeps you top-of-mind to your potential client so they think of you when they are ready to buy.



Quality content with the right keywords will improve your ranking on google and increase the visibility of your website and your brand.


Boomerang Ad Campaigns

If a person has interacted with your business online we can retarget them and bring them back to your site and offerings by setting up boomerang ad campaigns.  This keeps you in front of your potential client until they are ready to buy.

Why Google Pay Per Click Ads?

Google Pay Per Click ads are focused on getting your service or product directly in front of someone who is already looking for your service by the keywords they type into google search.  These ad campaigns are a very targeted way to get in front of your ideal client.  The campaigns are created and tested based on keyword research and bids we specify in each campaign.


Brand Awareness Ad Campaigns

Facebook ad campaigns are great for brand awareness.  We put your message in front of a person – matched based on interests, demographic and geographic information collected by Facebook – and then we find other people who are just like them and show the ads.


What does pay per click mean?

Pay per click campaigns are set up within Google or Facebook and every time someone clicks on your ad then you are charged per click.  The cost of the click can vary depending on your competition in the ad space and other factors.  Our goal is to get you the lowest cost per click with the best results possible.


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