Key Features


Most Energy Efficient


Connects to Driveway Deicers


No Heavy Electrical Work Required


Government Rebates May Apply


Of all our ice free roof systems, our IceFree Hydronic Panels are the most high-tech, energy efficient and “green.” With heated glycol tubing inside, they’re similar to radiant floor heating and can be added to driveway deicers. Hydronic Roof Panels are extremely effective at melting snow and ice and save you the most money over electronic systems. Government rebates may apply.


Prevents Roof damage & Interior water stains

What are ice dams and why should you care? It’s the ice that builds up at the lower edge of your roof each winter. Ice dams can weigh hundreds of pounds and steadily break down your roof’s overhang and rain gutters. Ice dams also force water to back up on your roof, flow beneath your shingles, and eventually leak into your ceilings and insulation, walls and paint, floors and carpet. Fortunately, our commercial grade ice free roof systems eliminate ice dams forever on new builds, old homes and remodels.

Keep your family safer

Eliminates falling ice, slip hazards, and mold

If you’re wondering how to melt ice on roof tops (and keep all the people and pets that live underneath it safe), it’s simple—IceFree roof systems. Our ice dam prevention systems are the ultimate weapon in the fight against ice. They protect you and your loved ones from accidents waiting to happen (overhead and underfoot), from falling ice and frozen gutters and downspouts breaking off to slip-and-fall injuries to unhealthy mold from unchecked indoor leaks. Our roof ice melting systems make your home safer.

Spend less on energy and repairs

Minimize electricity use and expensive fit-it bills 

All of our patented IceFree roof systems help prevent ice damage that can reduce the lifespan of your roof. (You don’t want to know how much a new roof costs. In fact, you want it to last as long as possible.) Floor-to-ceiling interior damage can cause costly repairs too. Look at it like this, it usually costs less to prevent ice than to repair the damage it does. Once installed, our IceFree roof systems continue saving you money by using less energy than traditional roof heat tape, and only using power when needed.

Set it & forget it

Makes winter worries a thing of the past

Raking growing snowdrifts from your roof every winter is a tradition you probably don’t cherish and won’t miss. IceFree roof systems work hard, so you don’t have to. They’re self-regulated and are available with a number of accessories, from rain and snow sensors and no-touch thermostats to controls and monitors for hands-off operation. Our roof ice melting products are a great way to top off today’s smart homes and add visible value to any house.


Decorative metal cladding

The IceFree Valley with decorative cladding is designed to work with heat cables or pex tubing. The valley panel is available in 3″- or 6″-wide panels and is guaranteed to heat the entire length of the panel. The IceFree Valley can be custom cut to fit the length of your roof’s valley.


State-of-the-Art Roof Deicing System

  • More energy-efficient than a comparable electric system
  • All the same comfort and security of our original Engineered Roof Deicing electric panel systems
  • No heavy electrical work required
  • Flexible variety of sources for hot glycol, some may already be in your home
  • Custom-created system package to suit any homeowner’s need; we give you everything you need
  • Coordinates beautifully with roof replacement or other home remodeling projects
  • Easily added to existing radiant heat systems such as driveway deicers
  • Government rebates may apply to high-efficiency boilers: check with your local city or state


  • The conduits within our panels that would normally contain electric heating cables now utilize heated glycol instead. The technology is actually quite similar in terms of function to standard floor radiant systems inside your house.
  • A boiler, fluid heater, or geothermal heat pump heats a hydronic fluid (a mixture of glycol and an anti-freeze fluid)
  • Customized pumps (generally attached to a temperature sensor) are activated automatically whenever needed, transferring the hot glycol from the boiler and along specialized tubing inside our de-icing panels.
  • The heat from the tubing naturally migrates via conduction to the exposed roofing panels, warming them and effectively melting all snow and ice both on the panels as well as in the immediate adjacent areas.
  • Once it passes through the system, the fluid is sent to a return manifold and then on to the boiler where it is reheated and sent back through the system again if necessary. No fluid is ever wasted; it is a completely “green” process.
  • When the system’s temperature controls determine there is no more need to run the glycol through the panels, the pump switching relay turns off the pump and the system goes into a “standby” mode until snow and ice are present again.

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Happy Customers

“I’ve had problems with ice dams on my roof for the last four years. I’ve tried heat cables and an ice and water shield, but they’ve never worked. The Engineered Roof Deicing system I had installed performed just as I was told it would. Engineered Roof Deicing offers a good, reliable product and great customer service.”  – David H.


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